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From SMAGIC PRODUCTIONS, we bring you SHY 2.0! This is the second version of SHY by Smagic. With SHY 2.0 you can perform killer effects with a spectator’s ring, signed coin, card corner, etc. SHY 2.0 is what you need to have with you anywhere, anytime. Imagine borrowing a ring or coin from your spectator. The spectator has full control over everything they are watching. You can make their ring (or coin with their signature) disappear and then reappear back INSIDE the card with help from their own hand. When we say “inside,” we literally mean inside the card. The spectator has to TEAR THE CARD APART in order to get their signed coin or ring back. This is done without any cover; easy to set up and perform immediately. You will fall in love with SHY 2.0! – KILLER EFFECTS – USE ANY BORROW RINGS/COINS – GET HUGE REACTIONS – EASY TO SET UP – PERFORM – NEW CARD VANISH SYSTEM – INVISIBLE GIMMICK HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE FOR YOU

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