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  • Eric De Camps is one of New York's premier close-up magicians. Performance and Explanation of Card In Wallet Routine from Stars of Magic DVD #6.

    Card In Wallet Routine video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Stars Of Magic #6 (Eric DeCamps))

  • This is the complete routine for Paul Harris's Fizz Master routine taught by Tom Mullica. Learn to Master the Fizz from a shaken soda can opened in front of your audience. This individual trick is from his Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy DVD.

    Paul Harris’ Fizz Master video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica- #3, DVD)

  • Matthew is a professional Close up Magician and on his debut video you will experience some of his LIVE work. There is NO audience setup and NO fake reactions

    Party Animal by Matthew J. Dowden video DOWNLOAD

  • This entertaining walk-around piece allows you to change a card three times

    All Signs Point To Yes by Caleb Wiles and Vanishing, Inc. video DOWNLOAD

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    Super Charged Classics Vol. 1 by Mark James and RSVP – video – DOWNLOAD

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    Super Charged Classics Vol 2 by Mark James and RSVP – video – DOWNLOAD

  • Deckstress is one of the most practical

    Deckstress by Tim Ellis – DOWNLOAD ebook

  • Part 1 of The Art of Hopping Tables is a magical documentary as you are taken along with Britain's famous Mark Leveridge on one of his commercial bookings. This is a unique opportunity to see exactly what happens in a professional magician's "day at the office." First

    Art of Hopping Tables by Mark Leveridge video DOWNLOAD

  • The Secrets of CARD ON CEILINGLearn a classic of card magic that your audience will remember forever.If you could have one set of magic

    Card On Ceiling (World’s Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD