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  • More Banding Around - Russell Leeds Russell Leeds is back with 'More Banding Around'! A follow up to his original best seller

    More Banding Around by Russell Leeds video DOWNLOAD

  • PERMANENTLY LINK ANYONE'S LACES! NO GIMMICKS! NO PREPARATION! EffectShe rests her shoe-covered foot on your lap. You rub her tied laces to soften them up ...and her two loops suddenly link! You have to untie her laces to unlink them. You gallantly re-tie her laces to make two more unlinked bunny ears. This time she pinches the two separate loops between her own fingers ...and again the two loops link! And they stay linked! At your insistence she reluctantly takes her foot off your lap ...and wanders away with her impossibly linked laces. She can keep her laces linked forever ...or she can eventually untie them in a futile attempt to unravel the mystery.

    Linking Laces by Harris, Jockisch, and Goodwin video DOWNLOAD

  • Destined to become the new standard in bill switches!EffectA normal dollar bill is examined and displayed at your fingertips. Both hands are clearly seen to be empty. The bill is not folded up or covered in any way. The entire face of the dollar bill is in full view and stays in full view as it visibly morphs into a one hundred dollar bill. Both sides of the bill are clearly shown and the bill is handed out for immediate examination.

    Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch (with Hundy 500 Bonus) by Doug McKenzie video DOWNLOAD

  • Warp One is a completely re-wired version of Roy Walton's classic Card Warp. The big news? David removes the cover card and performs the entire illusion in full view!

    Warp One by David Jenkins video DOWNLOAD

  • Dis Jointed is a revolutionary new method for "Shinko's classic Arm Twist" that turns the screws on the scream factor.Dis Jointed gives you the freakish ability to twist your normal arm 360 degrees around with bone crunching sound. Then there's a heart stopping "pop" as you physically break your elbow at the joint! You then complete the dislocation by shoving your shoulder back into your arm socket. The freak-fest ends with one more 360 degree twist of your arm as your shocked spectators watch your bones snap back into place!

    Dis Jointed by Joe Russell video DOWNLOAD

  • Wizard PK Ring video DOWNLOAD

  • Eric De Camps is one of New York's premier close-up magicians. Performance and Explanation of Card In Wallet Routine from Stars of Magic DVD #6.

    Card In Wallet Routine video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Stars Of Magic #6 (Eric DeCamps))

  • This is the complete routine to Tom Mullica's Bill to Matches. This individual routine is from his Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy DVD. Learn to switch a US dollar bill to a booklet of matches.

    Bill to Matches video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica- #3, DVD)

  • Welcome to a brand new style of Rubber Band Magic. You will find a collection of revolutionary new plots and techniques. Throughout you will learn some awesome visual magic. Within a very short space of time and with minimum practice

    Banding Around by Russell Leeds video DOWNLOAD