Religious and Gospel Performer

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  • Solid through solid. Visually. At fingertips. "You should be burned at the stake. This is too good!"- Michael Ammar A plot that stood the test of time is now revisited to bring you unparalleled freedom. John Stessel's LinXus is an amazing new system that allows you to link various borrowed objects together. Hands off

    Linxus by John Stessel – Video – DOWNLOAD

  • A download from Jamie Badman and Colin Miller - the people who brought you the smash hit Heirloom

    Welcome To The Firm by The Underground Collective & Big Blind Media

  • Imagine being able to move a permanent ink with your finger tips.A freely selected card is signed and the performer draw a dot on the card with a permanent marker.The card can be signed both size! The performer take the dot and start to move it across the spectator's signature. The spectator clearly see that the permanent ink change place on the back of his signed card. You can hand out the card and the spectator can keep the card with the dot on it!On this download you will learn two versions of INKRage plus we included two bonus effects.Bonus effect 1:The performer draw a dot on a dollar bill with a permanent marker. The performer able to move the black dot from one side of the bill to the other side after that he hand it out for examination.This effect can be done with a borrowed bill and you can use any paper money!Bonus effect 2:The performer draw a black dot on his palm or forearm. The performer moves the black dot onto the spectator's signed card.Key points to remember:The ink moves on the spectator signed card! No SwitchesThe card can be freely selected!You can give the card to the spectator as a souvenir with the dot on it OR you can vanish the dot in front of their eyes!The deck is fully examinable before and after

    INKRage by Arnel Renegado and Mystique Factory – Video DOWNLOAD

  • Jack is a simple thought of card revelation that uses a borrowed shuffled deck.No setup100% impromptuAny deckWithin this eBook Rus explains a method to reveal a thought of card using any borrowed deck of cards from anywhere

    Jack by Rus Andrews eBook DOWNLOAD

  • Comedy Routines by Matt Fore – DVD

  • God is Love Gospel Silk (36 inch) – Trick

  • On Stage With Illusions by Duane Laflin

  • Jesus is Risen refill box by Top Hat Magic – Trick

  • Jesus is Risen by Top Hat Magic – Trick