Mentalism,Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf

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  • No one saw him coming...In 1994

    At A Loose End video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Taped!) by Steve Bedwell

  • Bernard Bilis is France's leading card magician. His moves and techniques are totally original. You will enjoy his subtleties and clever routines. Performance and Explanation of Envelope Prediction & Bilis Switch from Stars of Magic DVD #5.

    Envelope Prediction & Bilis Switch video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Stars Of Magic #5 (Bernard Bilis))

  • This is the complete routine for Tom Mullica's Indian Bean Mystery from his Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy DVD. Learn to vanish beans into your body and have them come out of your mouth.

    The Indian Bean Mystery video DOWNLOAD (Excerpt of Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica- #2, DVD)

  • The power to provoke motion with one's mind is something that has fascinated man since the existence of such a concept.

    Shudder by Dee Christopher video DOWNLOAD

  • There are 6 bullets in a gun

    Russian Roulette with Cans by Titanas video DOWNLOAD

  • A totally impromptu under test conditions newspaper or magazine test.A brand new totally impromptu newspaper test from the twisted mind that is Nefesch. 

    Newz by Nefesch eBook DOWNLOAD

  • You borrow a normal egg from a spectator

    Hatching by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD

  • The most INSANELY VISUAL penetration of a signed card through a sealed bottle is now released on it's own.A deck of cards is introduced and a card is selected and signed across it's face. This is then replaced back into the deck and the deck is shuffled by the spectator. The magician then takes two rubber bands from his pocket and asks the spectator to wrap them around the deck so he can do anything sneaky with misdirection. The magician then shows the glass bottle around on all sides and removes any large labels so you can see right through the bottle. Then the rubber bands are given back to the magician and the spectator holds the deck ready to throw it at the bottle. The magician holds the bottle with one hand on top of the bottle and one hand at the bottom. The spectator then throws the cards at the bottle and the magician 'catches' one of the cards IN THE BOTTLE! Inside the bottle the signed selection is immediately seen swirling around

    Glastion by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD

  • An amazing super clean penetration of a signed coin to a crispes bag. You borrow a coin which they sign. You hand them a crispes bag

    Crispes by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD