Kids Show and Balloon Performer

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  • Hole in One – Golf Illusion

  • Another super visual penetration from the twisted brain of Nefesch. This time the spectator selects one of some balloons

    Ballooned by Nefesch video DOWNLOAD

  • This Deluxe Edition Set includes the re-edited and re-mastered original performances and explanations from the landmark DVDs Bill Abbott Performs Close-Up For Kids and Bill Abbott Performs Stand-Up For Kids plus over 75 minutes of Deluxe Edition Bonus Features! Original Material from Bill Abbott Performs Close-Up For Kids Includes: Sponge Balls - A classic that Bill uses as a perfect opener for kids. The Shadow - An extremely visual card change that happens 3 times in the participants own hands. The Autograph - A motivated card-in-wallet routine that leaves a child with a true collector's item they will treasure forever. The Ninja Card Trick - Bill's favorite card effect that features finding a selected card at the point of a miniature ninja sword. The Mental Photograph - A very strong promotional tool

    Bill Abbott Performs Magic For Kids Deluxe 2 volume Set by Bill Abbott video DOWNLOAD

  • One of the most popular parlor routines EVER is taught to us by Oscar

    Balloon Swallow by Oscar Munoz (Excerpt from Oscar Munoz Live) video DOWNLOAD

  • The easiest Add A Number routine you will ever encounter. Sacrificing NONE of the entertainment value. FUNNY

    EZ Add A Number by Nathan Kranzo video DOWNLOAD

  • The Magic Party Video brings alive an entertaining mix of lecture and live performance footage showing Mark Leveridge actually using the ideas with children at a real party.

    Kids Party Video by Mark Leveridge video DOWNLOAD

  • How would you like to perform a powerful show that's guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression...a show filled with surprise

    Pack Small Play Big : Kids Birthday Show by Dan Harlan video DOWNLOAD

  • The first and still best correspondence magic course! Harlan Tarbell's Tarbell System Incorporated. Recommended to nearly every beginner

    The Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Tarbell The Conjuring Arts Research Center – eBook DOWNLOAD

  • Matchbox Delights

    Match Box Delights by David Ginn – eBook DOWNLOAD