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  • You need to add this incredibly powerful technique to your tool set. Get great reactions every single time!This video packages up the five most visually impressive contact juggling moves into well explained instructions that will get anyone up and running with these great visual props in no time. As well as the tutorials there are a number of other sections covering everything you need to know about using contact juggling in a performance. Also includes tips and tricks that Steve Wilson has learned from doing this for over the last 10 years.The Topics Covered are:IntroductionHow Not to Burn Down Your HousePeek-A-BooThe EnigmaThumb GripCorner IsolationPalm CircleExample RoutinePresentationsBuying AdviceCare and MaintenanceBags

    Introduction to Contact Juggling for Magicians video DOWNLOAD

  • Anyone can do this trick

    Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD

  • A 'BLENDO' OF OVER 30 TRICKS PATTER & COMPLETE STAGE ROUTINES This eBook is filled with practical stage and parlor effects

    It’s A Stage I’m Going Through by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD


    Your Own Touring Show by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD

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    Juggling Made Easy Hampton Ridge /Fun Inc., DVD

  • Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling #2 – DVD

  • Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling #1 – DVD

  • Contact Juggling Ball (Acrylic, FOREST GREEN, 76mm) – Trick

  • Contact Juggling Ball (Acrylic, GLOW, 76mm) – Trick