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  • Come join us for an amazing experience of international magicians

    At The Table October 2018 Subscription video DOWNLOAD

  • A new way to play with chewing gum that you will enjoy. Surprise your friends with your gum

    GUMERANG by Magik Time and Alex Aparicio Presented by Chaco Yaris video DOWNLOAD

  • After 2 years in the making

    X-Ring by Okadino video DOWNLOAD

  • The ultimate mind reading lie detector or poker tell demonstration! Read the minds of four spectators instantly! This is an incredible routine from Harry Lorayne's book

    The Vault – Four X Four by Harry Lorayne video DOWNLOAD

  • COALESCE is a scripted 30-minute act of PREDICTION

    COALESCE by Abhinav Bothra eBook DOWNLOAD

  • In this exciting new HD download series

    Colin Underwood: Street Smart Magic Series – Episode 1 by DL Productions (South Africa) video DOWNLOAD

  • TEENS is an amazing collection of coin sleights and routines modified for the new age of magic. Each effect is highly visual

    TEENS by Charlie Imperial video DOWNLOAD

  • Looks as astonishingly real as it can get! The performer holds a borrowed cigarette (or a small twig

    The Vault – Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii video DOWNLOAD

  • Bigblindmedia presents ROGUE - Easy to Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer (BBM186) On ROGUE Steven Palmer teaches you how to use a pack of cards to perform absolute miracles. With Steven's brilliant psychological chicanery and a handful of easily achievable moves you will be armed and ready to unleash what looks like REAL mindreading powers. Central to this this project is VOID - Steven's acclaimed 'thought-of-card' revelation. This is a true POWERHOUSE of a trick. It might just be the fairest 'think a card' you will ever do with a normal deck. 'Void' gives you all the power of the 'Koran Deck' or the 'Mind Power Deck' but with a (slightly tweaked) regular deck of cards! Key points to remember: Easy set up A regular deck with no gaffs or duplicates - just some simple tweaks! Quick reset - ideal for strolling performers Suitable for ALL skill levels Looks incredibly fair A reliable method!!! You'll also learn the DEVIANT SHUFFLE - Steven's patented false shuffle that looks ridiculously fair but keeps everything exactly where you need it. AND then you'll master the breather crimp with Steven's ingenious touches and extra layers which take a great tool and make it indispensable. And that is just the start - ROGUE features another SEVEN brilliant routines! FEATURES: Void (Version I and II) Thought of Monte Heroes & Villains Technically Missing Memorabilia Out of My Sight Medley Deadcut "Highly recommended." - Mark Elsdon "Should make any person on the fence about using cards in mentalism come over to the right side!" - Ben Cardall

    ROGUE Easy To Do Mentalism with Cards by Steven Palmer video DOWNLOAD