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  • An incredible display of mentalism! Shadowsight - Look into a deck without looking. While your back is turned

    Shadowsight by Kevin Parker video DOWNLOAD

  • A Card to Pocket... Again

    Spaghetti by Juan Pablo Ibanez video DOWNLOAD

  • As seen on Season 5 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us

    The Vault – The Sticky-Note Slide by Tyler Twombly video DOWNLOAD

  • The Transcendental Bar Bet is the PH completely hands off

    The Vault – The Transcendental Bar Bet by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

  • A hyper visual

    Gumatrix by Patricio Ter ¡n video DOWNLOAD

  • Effect: The performer states that some card players seem to have psychic ability. These card players can correctly sense the cards in an opponent's hand. The performer says he would like to try an experiment to see if a participant has this ability to detect playing cards sight unseen. He shows four opaque envelopes and removes the four aces from a deck. The four aces are then placed inside the envelopes and mixed

    Poker Tells DYI by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD

  • Two great close-up effects by Amazo! In this download

    AT 8:30 by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD

  • Meet the man behind the brilliant "Pearl's Coin

    At The Table Live Mr. Pearl October 3, 2018 video DOWNLOAD

  • Ryo is a mentalist from Busan

    At The Table Live Ryo October 17, 2018 video DOWNLOAD