We have all been there. You watched a trailer for a product, you got extremely hyped up and pre-ordered right then and there. You waited and waited, and finally the package arrives! It is only then you discover that you were sold on hype and the product was a dud.


This happens to everyone and it happens often. Magic is a big industry and with any industry there are bound to be bad agents selling hype and not delivering in the final product. So, what can you do to avoid this happening? And why is a magic shop telling you to be cautious about purchasing supplies?

I want to ensure that every purchase made from our store is worthwhile and furthers the development of the magician who gets the trick. No one is better off for the hobbyist or professional getting burnt from magic and cutting back on their purchases or slowing down on practicing and performing. So, if we can ensure we are providing the best product that is right for every individual we end up helping everyone. The community is better off with passionate magicians, the individual is fulfilled by their purchase, and we are able to sleep at night.


So, here are my 5 steps to ensuring you do not get burned by bad products.


1.) Talk to us!

This may seem obvious, but we are experts on our product. We have likely handled the gimmick you want, or at least seen the dealers only info about it. This means we personally know how it handles, or have seen in-depth footage of the gimmick or product and know how it functions. You can ask us if it will work for you, and if we are doing our job and we know your style and act we can tell you if it is right for you. If you are a stage performer and it plays small, we will tell you. If you are a serious magician and it plays goofy we will tell you. If you are a corporate magician and it does not fit that culture we will tell you! Also, the benefit of having a brick and mortar is that you can come in and see it in person. This ensures you feel totally confident with your purchase.

2.) Patience!

This is not intended to be condescending because I have been there too. You see a cool trailer for a brand new thing and you instantly want to hit the purchase button because you need it right away. I get it! I feel the same way when I purchase a new product for our inventory it is exciting to get something new, especially when the trailer was *SO* cool. This opens you up for prime burnage. Take a breath, Wait until the reviews are out. Wait until you can talk to us about it. Or, see if we have emailed or posted about it. I do not carry every new item that comes out. Just because it is new, does not make it good.

3.) Check the magic cafe (With caution)

The magic cafe is an amazing resource for finding out about new products. If you do not see it on the main site google “*Product name* magic cafe” to see the thread about it. Be cautious about big names supporting it, this does not make it good by default. Wait until people get their hands on it and post about it before diving in.

4.) Reverse Engineer

It can be pretty easy to figure out new stuff from a trailer. Logically deducing how something is done is part of the fun. If you work out how it is done, think about if that method would work for you. If you know it has to be a flap, or magnet, and you do not like using either, then pass on it!

5.) How has the producer done in that past?

Did you get burned by this company in the past? Does it rhyme with “Hans-Sinds”? Have they under-delivered in the past? Then wait! They could knock it out of the park this time, but proceed with caution and follow the four previous steps before deciding.



Did this help?  Let us know below! If you have been burned in the past, what was the last dud product you purchased?