We are very excited to be showing off our new website. We hope that it will help us live up to the high standards we have set for ourselves in providing the best customer service we can. So, what is new?

The first and most obvious is that the website has been updated to have a fresh and modern appearance. It is our hope that anyone who visits our site, whether an existing customer, or someone who is brand new to us will see the care we put into being a modern magic store. To us, this means providing a safe and secure online store front, privacy protections, and providing a fast and responsive website. You will notice that we now have a secure site on every page, not just on checkout.

Next, we have been making huge strides in ensuring inventory accuracy. Our current inventory on here is now accurate. Moving forward, this should be automated and will provide you the most up to date and accurate inventory.

Third, we now have a blog that we are promising will be maintained and posted on often. It is our goal for this to be a place of quality content that moves the magic community forward. this means bringing on guest writers, posting on topics you care about, and being transparent with our community as we continue to grow.

Lastly, we are presenting a work in progress. Our website, like us, is growing and changing. In the coming months you should be seeing constant changes including a more responsive and optimised search bar, online booking of birthday parties, an up to date calendar with our events, and a more cohesive and presentable catalog.

It has been a thrill and an honor supporting the magic community over the past decade. This change is just another in a long line of updates to ensure that we are bringing you the best of the best. We want to reaffirm our commitment to our customers in bringing you quality products, at the best prices we can. The magic community is very important to us, and we are taking every step we can to support you.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or comments please feel free to email me at jake@killermagicshop.com.



All the best,